Title: Budapest
Artist: George Ezra
Played: 20877 times


Budapest - George Ezra

My house in Budapest
My hidden treasure chest,
Golden grand piano 
My beautiful Castillo 
For you 
I’d leave it all

Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue


i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me


LIFE HACK: disguise your nervous breakdown as a series of jokes

  • me: [watches five hour-long episodes of a tv show in a row]
  • friend: [sends me a link to an eight minute youtube video]
  • me: what the fuck i dont have time for this

Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue (september 2014)


“what could POSSIBLY go wrong?” timmy turner says, having just wished for cosmo and wanda to dissolve the bourgeoisie and dismantle capitalism, all without having laid out a systematic theory and praxis for incorporating plurality and equality into the new world order

"This industry breeds self-involvement. But I’ve a brother who will find me and fart on me if I start pulling that crap."
Chris Pratt, Irish Idependent Insider (2014)